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NAME: Andy
PERSONAL JOURNAL: [personal profile] shingetsu
EMAIL: 2icsection9 AT gmail DOT com
AIM: DominoAK47

CHARACTER NAME: Howell Jenkins (AKA: Howl)
SERIES: Howl's Moving Castle (Book)
CANON POINT: The end of chapter 16, 'In Which There is a Great Deal of Witchcraft' (This is the point immediately following his first large-scale fight with the Witch of the Waste and before he moves Calcifer and several of the castle's door locations to new parts of Ingary.)
LOSS: Memory of his family in Wales

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Age: 27
Height: Tall-ish
Weight: Average
Eyes: Light green (Sophie describes them as green-glass and not quite real looking).
Hair: (Dyed) blond. Naturally brunette.
Birth Date: Feb. 2nd

Medical Info: Howl is in good health for someone of his age, having suffered no significant illnesses or injuries in his life. However, owing to the contract with Calcifer, Howl's heart lives in the hearth with the fire demon. Were Calcifer ever to perish, Howl would die as a result. Despite not actually residing in his chest where it logically should, Howl's heart continues to perform the functions anyone else's heart would... probably to the extreme bafflement of any doctor examining him.

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Comments on how I play Howl? Suggestions or concerns? Please feel free to drop a note here.

Anon comments on and screened, IP logging off.


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